Lower Back Pain

Patient's Name: Zyrus Pugal

Testimonial Date: June 1, 2006

Zyrus Pugal

My name is Zyrus Pugal and I am a veteran of the US armed forces. I did not serve in just any branch, I served with the US Army’s 82nd Airborne Division at Ft. Bragg, NC. I have trained a lot in this division and I have to say, being able to jump out of a perfectly good airplane can do some damage to a body like mine. People think that exiting an aircraft during mid-flight is easy and fun; with close to one hundred pounds of military equipment strapped to a paratrooper’s body before the jump, it is not easy but a lot of fun.

I met Dr. Joly about three months after I was release from the military. My lower back was killing me; but just fresh out of the Army, I tried to blank the pain out of my head. Obviously it didn’t work. Not only did Dr. Joly save me from agonizing lower back pain, he saved me a lot of money. Dr. Joly has been taking care of me since mid January and my lower back pain has decreased immensely. I am able move around and play with my baby daughter without grabbing for my lower back. I can sleep through the whole night without taking any painkillers.

Dr. Joly has done a great deal for me and my family. He gives me great confidence on what needs to be done and what I already do. If Dr. Joly can do this for me, I’m confident he can do it for you. Thank you, Dr. Joly, for helping me out through some tough pain and getting me healthy again.

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