Tina Speaks

Patient's Name: Tina Sarmento

Testimonial Date: February 5, 2007

I had been in pain for three years before I met Dr. Joly. The horrible pain ran from my neck, down my shoulder and chest to my back. I went to three different doctors who found nothing. I even had an MRI taken and no one could tell me what was wrong with me. The pain was not letting me do the simplest things like picking things off the floor.

In August of 2006, my son, my sister and I went to the Fremont Art and Wine Festival. I stopped at Dr. Joly's booth for a free back screening just to see if he could figure out what was making me hurt.

I told Dr. Joly what I was feeling and had the screening done on my back. I told Dr. Joly about my pain. He was the first doctor to ever rotate my shoulder and find the pain. After a few adjustments the inflammation was gone.

Now, my back feels better than ever before. I used to need assistance to stand up and it would take a while before I could even stand straight. Today, I feel 100% like myself. I am very glad to have stopped for a screening and received the help I needed from Dr. Joly.

Dr. Joly is here to help you too!

-Tina Sarmento

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