Patient's Name: Sasha Sayers

Testimonial Date: October 1, 2006

Sasha Sayers

I'm a swimmer and water polo player. Imagine how difficult it is when you can't lift your right arm. I went to Kaiser and the Doctor prescribed pain killers and other pills. That didn't work, then I went to physical therapy, where I was given exercises. Even though it hurt, I did them. They didn't work either. Then I went to an orthopedist but my teammate was headed to surgery and I didn't want to do that.

I was frustrated and very worried. My mom recommended that I see Dr. Joly. He did an examination on my shoulder, neck and back. After the first visit I was able to lift my arm to my shoulder. Now I can lift it over my head without any pain. I am amazed. No surgery, no drugs.

Now I am ready to compete for league title in swimming in the spring. Dr. Joly, I say “Thank You for all your care.”

-Sasha Sayers

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