Back on the golf course!

Patient's Name: Erik Johnson

Testimonial Date: November 1, 2006

Erik Johnson

First of all, I have to say it’s about time I get published in this newsletter. I’ve known Joe (Dr. Joly) since the 3rd grade and was one of his first patients. I must say, having known Dr. Joly all this time, it’s no surprise to me that he’s had such fabulous success in building his practice, and more importantly (to me anyway) relieving my lower back pain and giving me back my golf game. I originally injured my lower back years ago in Wrestling during high school. Since that time, I’ve seen no less than 7 different chiropractors. I’m a big guy and I can tell you that all chiropractors have a difficult time adjusting lower backs on big guys like me. Dr. Joly’s technique ensures a great adjustment every time. That’s something I couldn’t say for most of the chiropractors I’ve seen in the past.

1As you can see by all the certifications on the walls in the office, Dr. Joly takes his work very seriously and he’s continually learning new techniques and refining (or should I say perfecting) those techniques he practices every day. I don’t hesitate to send ANYONE I meet to Dr. Joly if their experiencing some sort of back, neck, etc problem. Maybe you want to gain 20 yards on the golf course or maybe you just want to get rid of whatever pain is nagging you. Whatever you need, I’m sure Dr. Joly can help you too.

Thanks Joe!
-Erik Johnson

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